Rajamudi Rice - 1 kg
Rajamudi Rice - 1 kg
Rajamudi Rice - 1 kg
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Rajamudi Rice - 1 kg

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Rajamudi Rice as the name suggests dates back to the times of the Mysuru Maharajas. This red rice variety was produced specially for the Royal Wodeyar Family. It is said that people who could not pay taxes to the Kings were asked to pay nutritious Rajamudi Rice instead.  Rajamudi or Rajmudi is unpolished & comes in a mix of red & brown colors.

It is great for everyday consumption and is rich in dietary fibers. It is rich in antioxidants and high in zinc which boosts immunity and speeds up the recovery & healing of the body. It also has a low glycemic index which makes it great for people with Diabetes.  

It can replace your everyday white rice and can be consumed exactly like it. With sambars, curries, pulao, biriyani, kheer, etc...

How to cook?
Soak rice in water for about 20-30mins. Add 1:2 ratio of water (2 times more water). 5-6 whistles in the pressure cooker. It takes some trials until you find the right consistency and water level that suits your liking.  

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