Pure Ghee
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Pure Ghee

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100% Pure Cow Ghee, Organic from A1 Milk.

Ayurveda hails ghee at the top of all the oily foods. With its nutritional properties combined with its medicinal uses, ghee has always been seen in high regard in our households. Our ghee is prepared by melting and simmering unsalted butter until the milk solids settle at the bottom. We use quality A1 milk to make our golden tinted ghee 100% organic.

The fat in pure ghee is healthy and is said to aid in weight loss, besides balancing the heating element (pitta) in our bodies. Topped on rotis or as a base for your favorite curry, our pure ghee will always have a place in your kitchen. 

Unsalted Pure Cow Ghee is perfect for New Born Children.

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