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Pure Filter Coffee Powder (80:20)

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80% coffee and 20% chicory, we take your coffee seriously. A cup of pure filter coffee in the morning not only energizes you but leaves you in a great mood to tackle the day. Pure filter coffee brings out all the complex notes of the coffee beans that were ground to make it.

Coffee shines on its own, but pure filter coffee pairs really well with South Indian dishes like idli and dosa. However you decide to drink it, our coffee is sure to make you want another cup.

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of South Indian Filter Coffee.
  • Spread 15g of Pure Filter Coffee powder evenly in the upper chamber of the traditional south Indian Coffee Filter
  • Place plunger on top of powder and add 60ml (4ml water per gram of coffee) boiling water in the top chamber
  • Wait for entire decoction to collect in the lower chamber
  • Use coffee decoction and hot undiluted milk in 50:50 ratio. For less strong coffee try 40:60 ratio. For more strong coffee try 30:70
  • Adjust ratio to your taste
  • Serve hot in a traditional Dabara
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