Organic Groundnuts / Peanuts 500 gm
Organic Groundnuts / Peanuts 500 gm
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Organic Groundnuts / Peanuts 500 gm

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A go-to snack, peanuts are great whether they’re roasted on their own, boiled with salt or added into a dish. Perfect to add some crunch into an otherwise simple dish, peanuts can elevate anything. From pohas to chutneys, peanuts are a great addition to any dish. You could even make your own peanut butter to spread on bread. 

An excellent source of protein and high in Vitamin E, peanuts can be great for all your nutty cravings. 

Helps lower LDL or "bad cholesterol" and increases HDL or "good cholesterol" level in the blood. Good source of dietary protein. Compose fine quality amino acids that are essential for growth and development. Excellent source of antioxidants.
100 Percent organic product

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