Herbal Natural Dishwash Powder
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Hand-Made Dish Wash Powder 100% Natural and Organic | With Shikakai and Soapnuts | Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly

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Ingredients: Shikakai, Reetha / Soapnuts, Arappu / Albizia Amara, Pure wood ash from burning coconut shells, Natural Salt.

Each ingredient is separately sun-dried, finely ground and sieved. Finally mixed together.

This recipe for dish detergent powder is natural and cleans really well. Most of the chemical detergents leave a thin film on the vessels, but this homemade dishwashing powder does not leave a thin film-like chemical-based cleaning powder and it cleans well even with hard water.

Store in airtight bottles. To use, take a scouring pad and touch a little bit of the powder and use it to wash the dishes. This powder does not produce foam but cleans the vessels well.


How much synthetic dishwash do you eat every day?

Every one of us can remember seeing our “clean dishes” come with a small glob of synthetic dishwash stubbornly stuck to it. This is especially common in ridged and difficult to clean vessels like kadais and feeding bottles. If the feeling of eating synthetic dishwasher with your food, or the thought of your baby drinking it with her feeding bottle creeps you out, then you should strongly reconsider how you clean your dishes.

The Go Rustic solution: all-natural, chemical-free, safe for human beings, safe for aquatic life and safe for our waterways

Human beings have existed long before the invention of synthetic cleaning products. Throughout human history, we have found natural herbs, clays and ashes form cooking and eating as extremely effective cleaning solutions for our dishes and laundry.

The Go Rustic natural cleaning range uses traditional plant-based cleansers like Soapberry and Shikakai. All our products are safe to use for clothing and dishes meant for newborn infants, elderly people and those with sensitive skin.

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