Finger Millet (Ragi) - 500 g
Finger Millet (Ragi) - 500 g
Finger Millet (Ragi) - 500 g
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Finger Millet (Ragi) - 500 g

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Finger Millet also is known as Ragi and is fondly used in Karnataka in the famous Ragi Mudde made from Finger Millet Flour. This millet is highly nutritious and is known to give you immense strength. 

The ragi mudde takes only 15-20mins to make and is often eaten with either curry or sambar. It's a pretty filling meal that lasts a long time. Farmers are known to eat ragi mudde once in the morning and are able to work in the fields for prolonged hours as this millet is known to release energy/glucose in small amounts for a longer period of time. Which is why it also makes it a great option for people with diabetes.

Diabetic patients are recommended to skip rice because rice causes the glucose levels to shoot up during digestion making insulin levels fluctuate very rapidly which causes weakness and heart risk. Ragi, however, breaks down slowly and controls the insulin fluctuations in the body. 

The finger millet or ragi can also be consumed as a breakfast drink in the form of RAGI MALT. The Ragi Malt powder is made by dry roasting the millet and powdering it and adding dry fruit powder to it. While consuming it, it is boiled with water to make it a thick liquid to which either Milk + Sugar OR Buttermilk + Salt is added and consumed. It is pretty filling and easily lasts 3-5hours depending on the level of activity. 

A deep red-brown colored millet, ragi is extremely versatile in its use. A great source of calcium, including ragi in your meals can keep your bones healthy and strong. Also rich in carbohydrates, ragi is a healthy cereal. It is also said to aid in weight loss.

As a porridge, as idlis or even as soup, ragi is tasty and great for your health. Make an upma or roll out ragi rotis for a change. The number of delicious recipes that you can whip up using ragi is endless!

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