EcoSwachh 3R Natural Hand Wash 5 Litres
EcoSwachh 3R Natural Hand Wash 5 Litres

EcoSwachh 3R Natural Hand Wash 5 Litres

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EcoSwachh 3RTM Natural hand Wash is a product made of super quality soapnut, Shikakai extract with added active principles from Moringa which is known for its excellent antimicrobial property. 

EcoSwachh 3RTM Natural Hand Wash is formulated with Soap nut (Sapindus sp.) and Shikakai (Acacia concinna) which are traditionally known natural surfactants.  It contains the active principles of Moringa (Moringa olifera) which is scientifically proven for its excellent antimicrobial property. EcoSwachh 3RTM Natural Hand Wash cleans the dirt, grease, oil, maintains hygiene, and has moisturising properties. EcoSwachh 3RTM Natural Hand Wash provides the excellent soothing effect

and takes considerably less water for rinsing compare to regular hand wash liquid which is made of synthetic surfactants like SLES, SLS, and other sulphate based surfactants. Regular use of EcoSwachh 3RTM Natural Hand Wash reduces chemicals intervention in our daily lifestyle and minimise the release of chemical load to environment.



Aqueous Solution of active botanical surfactants – 92%,

Active principles of Moringa olifera – 6%,

Natural thickening agents, Food grade preservatives and flavours – 2%

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