Min Order INR 300/- | Free Delivery for Orders Above 1500/- | Whatsapp +91 9739661999 For Orders Outside Bengaluru
Min Order INR 300/- | Free Delivery for Orders Above 1500/- | Whatsapp +91 9739661999 For Orders Outside Bengaluru
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Our Story

Hello There,

Naveen here from Go Rustic. Passionate about health & fitness. A Post-graduate by education & have been in Business since 4 years now. I love eating from small Home-Based Restaurants & spend most of my time working on my purpose to find the most authentic food ingredients and make it available on Go Rustic's platform.  

Healthy eating comes to me from Home: 

Being brought-up by a mother who was born and raised in a village in Karnataka, authentic rural food & ingredients was a part of our kitchen since childhood. To this day most of our food sources are from her village. Her cooking style is also like the one you would find at our Village.

Once I learnt about organic food & natural farming and it's importance, I started to opt for naturally grown food only. I found it difficult to find safe food & to find all of it in one place. I knew there was an issue. And with my prior experience I believe that if it's in our capacity we must simply get down and fix the issue. Thus, with Go Rustic my vision is to add more and more products, bring in variety & also enhance our service. I want to make healthy eating accessible and also guide you through your transition into eating clean & staying healthy.

We're working on a lot of new things that we will launch one at a time. Stay Tuned!!

Mostly our products are sourced directly from farms and farmers. Our products come from different parts of the country from some of the best cultivators. But for some other products that we found hard to source we currently work with some aggregators. Soon we intend to eliminate the unknown sources & directly procure from farmers only. We are working towards it. 

Since Day 1 of taking this up our biggest priority has been Customer Satisfaction by putting an order to our operations, by keeping customers informed of all the updates & trying to be as available and timely as we possibly can. But we are still far from calling ourselves settled and perfect. We'll get there soon, stay with us! 

- Naveen Gowda