Safflower Oil
Organic Safflower Oil (Kusube) - Cold pressed
Organic Safflower Oil (Kusube) - Cold pressed
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Organic Safflower Oil (Kusube) - Cold pressed

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The kernels of the safflower plants are cold-pressed without heat to make sure our safflower oil retains its natural properties. 

The high smoke point and the neutral taste of this oil makes it a kitchen staple. A rich source of unsaturated fatty acids, it helps to lower cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

It can be consumed through a variety of cuisines and dishes. Perfect for everything from sauteing to baking, safflower oil is very versatile in its use. French fries or a light salad dressing, our cold-pressed safflower oil is the way to go.

Safflower is a tall plant with spiked leaves and yellow or orange flowers. The flowers were used as a dye for clothing in ancient Egypt. Today, some people use safflower petals as a substitute for saffron, a yellow spice that’s often used to color and flavor rice dishes. Safflower seeds are also used to produce safflower oil.

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