Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil
Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil
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Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil

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With coconuts sourced from Palakkad, a district in Kerala, this wood-pressed coconut oil is as versatile as any oil can get. A staple in every home in Kerala, coconut oil is great for your skin and hair as well. Hailed for its medicinal and nutritional properties by our ancestors, it is easy to understand why coconut oil is so widely used.

Coconut oil can elevate vegetarian dishes immensely with their taste and smell. Cook a traditional fish curry or an avial with our chemical-free coconut oil to bring about some magic in your cooking.

Wood Pressed coconut oil finds a mention in Sangam Tamil literature as a healing agent for wounds. That is proof of the healing powers of the wood. It absorbs heat and maintains the atmospheric temperature in oil extraction. This way, the cold-pressed oil is packed with nutrients and health benefits, something which our ancestors enjoyed. 

We get asked a lot about why our coconut oil is not Pure White and why the hint of yellow? - Because; refined coconut oils are processed at upward of 400 degrees, which degrades the quality of the oil and requires further processing methods such as bleaching and deodorizing. 

Since we only encourage the use of the purest form of products, it's offered to you in it’s the most natural form. 

The 500ml Coconut Oil comes In wide-mouth glass containers for ease of use.  200ml & 1 litre bottles are PET bottles.

Shelf Life - 4-6months

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