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Watermelon Rind Halwa

Kid-Friendly Sweet Savories

This Summer, Satisfy you sweet & tangy craving by making good use of your watermelon by using this recipe. The ultimate unexpected use of Watermelon Rinds, you otherwise threw away, can feed at least 5-6 servings! 
Watermelon Rind is the white part of the watermelon just after the Red Fruit that we often discard. Did you know? The rind is edible too! Here's a halwa recipe for you to try and decide for yourself.   

Time Taken

It takes about 30mins (After Peeling and Chopping the Rind)


Watermelon Rinds of 1 watermelon (only white portion, peel away the hard green shell. Finely chopped / Blended in a Mixer / Shredded)
1/2 cup Desi Ghee
1 cup mixed dry fruits (Almonds, Cashews, Raisins)
1 tbsp Elaichi Powder
500 ml Watermelon Juice

Purpose of ingredients

Halwa recipes essentially always use Desi Ghee and Dry fruits as the main flavoring agent. 

  • Brown Sugar/ Jaggery/ White Sugar is added depending on the main ingredient of the Halwa dish. In this case, watermelon is a tangy ingredient, so in order to have a sweet dish, we need a good amount of sugar. Keep adding as per taste if the given quantity does not feel enough. If you prefer the halwa to be less sweet. You can stay with the given quantity. 
  • Elaichi powder is for taste and best sprinkled in the boiling stage of the recipe, not at the end. 
  • Halwa recipes often use MILK to add to the creaminess and soften the main ingredient of the dish. Here instead of milk, we are using the Watermelon juice! 
  • Shred your Watermelon Rind to the smallest bit by either shredding, using a chopping machine or you could even completely blend it into a paste to save time and keep it smooth. You can choose whichever texture you like.


NOTE: To get the perfectly chopping watermelon rind without all the hard parts of the green shell. First, spend some time peeling the entire watermelon before you chop it. 
  • Once your watermelon is completely peeled off the top hard layer, Continue to cut your watermelon like you usually do for the flesh. Keep aside the rind and make sure you use it fresh. 
  • Heat the pan with Go Rustic's Desi Ghee. and add the cup of mixed dry fruits. Let them fry just for 30 seconds or so. 
  • Add the Chopped/Shredded/Blended Watermelon rinds to the pan and stir to ensure that it's covered in ghee. Leave it to cook 5 mins or so to reduce. 
  • Add Brown Sugar/ Jaggery/ White Sugar and Elaichi powder and stir the ingredients in. Now add all of the Watermelon juice (just enough so it covers all the watermelon rinds and immerses in it)
  • Stir occasionally and close the lid of the pan to let it cook for at least 15 mins. Keep checking if the rind has softened enough. If required leave it for more time. 
  • The halwa will begin to smell really nice and the water content from watermelon will also evaporate. IF even at this stage you feel the rinds haven't cooked enough, feel free to add more watermelon juice and let it cook on simmer. 
You'll know your halwa is ready when its brown, glossy and smells heavenly!

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