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Peanut Butter Recipe

Jams & Spreads Kid-Friendly

This peanut butter recipe is so easy to make you'll never want to waste your money over a store-bought one again. And its preservative-free! 
With just 3 ingredients, all available at Go Rustic.  

Time Taken - 20-30mins


Purpose of the ingredients: 

  • Roasting the peanuts is an important step as if you blend peanuts without roasting, you will end up blending it and find a milky liquid(which is peanut milk! Not peanut butter). To make Nut butter, you must first roast the nuts to keep them slightly crisp in the blender. Don't be worried if you end up charring the peanuts slightly (try to avoid it). The taste can still be balanced with the sweetener and the butter will look darker, but all is not ruined! 
  • In essence, what we are doing in this step is extracting the natural oils of the groundnuts and churning them till they turn into a buttery consistency. Groundnut oil or any other oil will help speed this process. We have chosen groundnut oil as it will keep intact the perfect nutty groundnut flavor. 
  • This can be done with any nut! Blend almonds long enough, you get almond butter. Blend cashews long enough, you get cashew butter. 
  • And Groundnut Oil to ensure the consistency is creamy and smooth. 
  • Some nuts are bitter and may need additional sweeteners. We want to avoid white sugar and thus preferred to chose to go rustic's raw forest honey for this recipe. As groundnut is one of those nuts whose butter is kinda bitter. 


  • Roast the peanuts. Ensure they don't get too charred. Just slightly browned. 
  • Blend them till they form a pasty chunky form inside. Start adding groundnut oil slowly and keep blending. Open and keep checking if the consistency is getting creamier and smoother. 
  • Stop adding the oil when you have the perfect butter consistency you like. Taste it a bit. The butter is ready but for the perfect taste, you still need a sweetener. 
  • Add raw forest honey, only 1-2tbsp at first and blend it. Check and taste it. If its still bitter you add a bit more honey. If it tastes perfect then you can stop! 
  • Your homemade healthy peanut butter is ready! And it has ZERO preservatives.
Finish this within 2 weeks for the best tastes. And don't worry if the butter darkens in color. It's still perfectly fine! 

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