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Ever wanted to be a chocolatier? We have a recipe that’s simple, healthy and dairy-free!

Time Taken:

Prep time - 15 mins

Waiting Time - 2 hours


Purpose of the ingredients: 

  • Cashews add to the creaminess of the chocolate bar, so the number of cashews you add increases or decreases the milky texture. 
  • Add Go Rustic’s Brown Sugar slowly overtime to get the right sweetness. 
  • Our Coconut Oil is a perfect healthy replacement for butter and other unhealthy fats used in chocolates you find in stores. 
  • If you replace cashews and sugar with just banana (if you wanna go sugar-free), you will get a banana-flavored mousse like the consistency of the same. 
  • The blending process will go smoothly if the coconut oil is melted. Otherwise, your chocolate will have chunks of frozen coconut oil in the bar and that's no fun to bite into!


  • Soak the cashews for 15 mins and blend them till you get a creamy paste. If you want a chunky nutty bar, you can keep aside a few crushed cashews. 
  • To the blender, add cocoa powder, brown sugar and melted coconut oil. Blend this till you get a nice creamy chocolate paste. Don't let it be too dry. Ensure its runny enough to be poured into the mould. 
  • Taste this liquid and check if you need more sugar or more cocoa powder (is it too bitter or is it too sweet?). Balance the ingredients until you have the desired chocolate taste. 
  • Switch off the blender and fill up your mould with this gorgeous liquid. If you don't have chocolate mould that's fine too! We used a basic ice cube mould on our first try. 
  • Put this in the freezer and just let it be! Come back and check-in 2-3 hours. And if you don't freeze it, you could use it as Chocolate Sauce.
And Tadaa! Your homemade chocolate bar is ready! 

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